Alcohol addiction

Often we associate alcohol with an exuberant  lifestyle  and being generally accepted. Therefor  it is hard to recognize alcohol addiction. Drinking alcohol becomes a habit and after a while you cannot do without anymore.  U-center has been successful in the treatment of this chronic progressive desease for the last 7 years.

Effective treatment for Alcohol addiction 

U-center’s team will  support you whilst detoxing, the first phase of your treatment. Following that, they will help you finding the cause of your alcohol abuse and why it plays such an important role in your life. Perhaps alcohol offers you comfort or it suppresses anxiety?  Our treatment team will help you to find ways to deal with your problems in a different manner and how to apply these newly acquired skills in your own surroundings.


It is not easy to recognize alcohol addiction. Alcoholics are experts when it comes to hiding their problem. A few patterns that occur and that are typical for people with an alcohol addiction are:

·         Lying and denying

·         Not showing emotions

·         Increase of alcohol tolerance

·         Withdrawal symptoms ( perspiring, vomiting, shaking hands, nausea, restlessness, anxiety) when abstaining

·         Making great effort to hide the problem

·         Neglect friends and hobbies

·         Continuing drinking despite negative effects

·         Craving alcohol

·         Sensationalism

If you recognize this behaviour with your loved one or friend or colleague, U-center ‘s staff can assist you with the intake procedures and inform you about the programme. 


The seven week in-patient phase, followed by a 7 week out-patient phase focusses on a fast recovery and re-integration in society; privately as well as at work.  When experiencing difficult periods after the treatment has ended, you can turn to our support network throughout the country.

Curious what U-center can do for you?

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