Depression is more than just feeling “down”. It is a feeling of being unhappy, being uninterested and having negative thoughts which can seriously affect your life. We all experience occasional periods of feeling down but these usually pass by. If these symptoms persist longer than two weeks, this may indicate a depression or depressive disorder.

What is depression?

Depression can have a serious impact on your everyday life. Depression can manifest itself in a variety of ways: trouble starting the day, a lack of experiencing joy, a tendency to withdraw, a lack of concentration, a decreased desire of sexual intercourse. Even suicidal thoughts may occur.


We speak of depression when someone suffers from the following symptoms for a period longer than two weeks:

·         Persistent gloomy feelings  

·         Loss of interest; no longer being able to enjoy anything

·         A feeling of failure 

·         A feeling of guilt

·         Memory and concentration problems

·         Trouble sleeping

·         Over eating or lack of interest in eating

·         Fatigue, lack of energy 

·         Thoughts and/or attempts of suicide

What causes depression?

The difference between a period of feeling down and depression isn’t always clear-cut. Depression affects one’s entire life for an extended period of time and is generally thought to be a reaction to a traumatic experience. Less talked about, but just as common, depression can be caused by a positive experience (giving birth, buying a house). When depression persists, this is called a depressive disorder. In this case, getting necessary help is often the only solution.

How to deal with depression

U-center’s treatment team explore the cause of your depressive disorder, draw up a customized personal treatment plan and help you change patterns that maintain your depression. Together we focus on underlying problems such as work, family and relationships through  individual treatment, group therapy,  and a number of additional therapy treatments. At times, depression requires medication. This will be evaluated during the course of treatment. The most important component of a successful treatment is for you to become active again, build up a daily routine, regain structure in your life, and achieve a healthy physical condition.

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