What does U-center offer?

U-center offers a unique integrated treatment program that can treat multiple issues simultaneously. Mental health and substance abuse disorders are common (dual diagnosis) and if applicable, will both be addressed at U-center by its professional staff. U-center is equipped and staffed for integrative treatment of clients with issues including depression and alcohol dependence, or posttraumatic stress disorder and cocaine abuse. Our integrative treatment approach provides psychotherapy and psychopharmacology for both mental health and substance abuse disorders in the same setting concurrently. 
With its latest treatments and methods, U-center offers quality treatment services for individuals from anywhere in the world. 
U-center in the Netherlands, provides English speaking professionals qualified by the strict western European standards of care and excellence. Rest, privacy, hospitality and high-quality facilities are guaranteed.

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Julianastraat 23a
6285 AH Epen
Landgoed De Horst
De Horst 1
Gebouw Vossesteijn #7
3971 KR Driebergen
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